Things to Do at Home During the COVID-19 Outbreak: Stay Home, Stay Safe

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During the COVID-19 outbreak, it is highly important to stay home to protect ourselves and prevent its spread. What are some free online activities that we can do during the course?

koronovirüste zamanı kullanma

  • The Down Dog yoga app is free until April 2nd (For students and teachers, the app is free until July 1st).
  • You can live-stream the concerts of several orchestras online, including New York’s Met Opera and Berlin Philarmonic. Music lovers who want to listen to the orchestra over the internet will be able to listen to the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra free of charge using the BERLINPHIL code by entering the ‘ticket page’ on the orchestra web address.
  • You can do the virtual tours that the Louvre Museum, Vatican Museum, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and Uffizi Gallery are offering on their websites.
  • Google’s Arts & Culture Platform has made agreements with 1200 museums around the World to do virtual tours of their exhibitions which include MoMA in New York, Metropolitan Museum, the Tate Modern in Paris, British Museum in London and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.
Evde istirahat ve koronovirüsünden korunma

Conscious protection from the coronovirus at home

While it is important to spend our time at home as beneficial as possible it is also important to be conscious at the time. If you observe any kind of symptom of cold, you can protect your loved ones at home by using the EOC antibacterial masks and antibacterial gloves at home. The EOC range of products that are developed by Evteks using the Super Cotton innovation, by its reusable and washable specialties, and with its antibacterial contexture can protect you from COVID-19 by preventing the virus from going in and out of the mask while in quarantine, inside or outside.

EOC Antibakteriyel Sağlık Ürünleri

EOC Antiviral Antibakteriyel Yıkanabilir Yüz Maskesi Toplu Renkler
Açık Gri
Koyu Yeşil

EOC Yıkanabilir Yüz Solunum Maskesi “Yumaşak dokulu lastiği ile kulağı acıtmayan ve ağrıtmayan özellik”

14.90 19.90  KDV Dahil

EOC  Çift Kat Yıkanabilir Antiviral ve Antibakteriyel Test Raporlu Solunum Maskesi

EOC M98 Organik Prosesli Unisex “Siyah” Spor Boyunluk [Uluslararası Patent – Ödüllü Kumaş Teknolojisi]

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EOC M98 Organik Prosesli Spor Boyunluk [Uluslararası Patent – Antiviral ve Antibakteriyel Test Raporlu Ödüllü Kumaş Teknolojisi]

EOC Yıkanabilir Eldiven [Vitiligo Rahatsızlığı Olanlara Önerilir]

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[Uluslararası Patent – Antiviral ve Antibakteriyel Test Raporlu Ödüllü Kumaş Teknolojisi]