About the Antiviral-Antibacterial, Evteks, EOC Cotton Mask

The mask categories we produce with EOC technology;
Our 100% cotton EOC fabric has proven its antibacterial and antiviral activity in international laboratories. Test reports are attached. EOC is safe with the application of completely natural minerals on cotton, which is natural fiber as a nanocomposite material. EOC is not dangerous for breathing as it does not contain heavy metals such as silver ion and also synthetic fiber. Even if the cotton fiber reaches the lungs, it is easily discarded or dissolved because it is a natural fiber. However, we see in the research reports that synthetic masks cause cardiovascular problems when the fiber reaches the lung at the microplastic level and causes the lung lesion and the circulatory system (Source: https: //www.dunyahalleri.com/evde-mikro-plastik-sol Biz/, https: // dergipark.org.tr/en/download/article-file/908694, https://tr.euronews.com/2019/06/05/yetiskin-bir-insan-yilda-ortalama-50-bin-mikroplastik-yutiyor)
EOC is an Eco-friendly technology, which only uses natural sustainable sources.
We have 3 types of masks that we produce with our internationally patented and award-winning EOC technology;
The main features of our masks produced with EOC technology, all of which are documented with scientific test reports;
  • Antiviral (6/2020 Hohenstein / Germany) and Antibacterial (7/2019 SGS Hong Kong) test report.
  • It is antiallergic and compatible with your skin with PH 5.5. It does not contain the AZO group and especially carcinogenic substances such as Formaldehyde or Silver.
  • It contains Vitamin D, Magnesium, Calcium, and Zinc between 1.28 and 1.94 ppm with a positive mineral effect. This combination has many features that increase your quality of life with its support on mental health, bone health, blood sugar control, immune system.
  • It is certified according to Oekotex 100 standard in the category 1 baby group sensitivity. (Our certificate number is 16.HTR.76756)
  • The organic dye process is applied with completely using organic dyestuff
  • Protects you from radioactive particles and electromagnetic waves with neutron holding capacity (20%)
  • Absorbs carcinogenic Radon gas (20%)
  • Protects you from harmful sun rays with UPF 50+
  • EOC has a low flammability rate. For your safety, we have to point out that synthetic masks have a high risk of adhesion to the skin with exposure to fire.
  • Self-cleaning; It is realized with the photo-degradation mechanism with the high photocatalytic effect of the nanocomposite. With the nanocomposite we prepared in our study, the self-cleaning fabric was created within the scope of odor and antibacterial. With this process, various functional groups such as C-O, C = O, -O-C = O, -COH, and -COOH are formed on the fabric surface. This event is carried out by the reaction between active oxygen species. The odor and microbial particles trapped by the surface are broken down and degraded through this effect.
  • EOC Masks can be washed at 60’C.
  • EOC is an eco-friendly technology, made from natural sustainable sources.
1) “EOC Standard Mask” features produced from 100% cotton knitted fabric;
  • It consists of two layers of 100% cotton knitted fabric.
  • High breathability: Provides a high level of breathability with an average of 2.5 PA / cm2 (Accepted value according to TSE599 is expected to be below 60 PA / cm2). This minimizes frequent carbon dioxide poisoning. The standard tested is ISO EN 14683 2019 + AC. Especially in summer, high breathability makes it easier to use masks.
  • Particle Filtration: As a result of the test performed according to ISO EN 14683 2019 + AC, the result of BFE (Bacterial filtration efficiency) above 3µ is 85% on average. According to TSE599, the expectation is that this result reaches 90%. In this sense, our standard two-layer EOC mask is very close to the desired result, despite its high breathability.
  • Our standard EOC mask is produced with the optimized form of TSE599, the French AFNOR, and the CEN CWA 17553 standard.
  • Generally preferred behind the ear are produced with soft comfort rubber. Optimum face-fitting is provided with S -> Child, M -> (Female) and L -> (Male) sizes.
2) Features of “EOC TSE599 Mask” made of 100% cotton woven fabric;
  • It consists of two layers of 100% cotton woven fabric. In the dyeing process, completely organic dyes are used.
  • Breathability: Provides moderate breathability with an average of 45 PA / cm2 (Accepted value according to TSE599 is expected to be below 60 PA / cm2). This minimizes frequent carbon dioxide poisoning. The standard tested is ISO EN 14683 2019 + AC. Especially in summer, high breathability makes it easier to use masks.
  • Particle Filtration: As a result of the test performed according to ISO EN 14683 2019 + AC, the result of BFE (Bacterial filtration efficiency) above 3µ is on average 91%. According to TSE599, the expectation is that this result reaches 90%.
  • Our EOC 599 model mask is produced with an optimized form of TSE599, the French AFNOR, and the CEN CWA 17553 standard.
  • Generally preferred the ear loop versions are produced with soft comfort rubber. Optimum face-fitting is provided with S -> Child, M -> (Female) and L -> (Male) sizes.
3) Features of “EOC M98 Mask” consisting of 3 layers;
  • EOC M98 Mask, consisting of 3 layers, in addition to the “EOC Standard Mask” features of the inner and outer layers of 100% cotton – The intermediate layer consists of 70% Polyester – 30% Polyamide microfilament non-woven fabric. The EOC M98 Mask, which provides high protection, prevents your contact with the synthetic protective intermediate layer, 100% cotton EOC knitted fabric on the inner and outer layers.
  • Breathability: M98 provides less breathability.
  • Particulate Filtration: As a result of the test performed according to ISO EN 14683 2019 + AC, the result of BFE (Bacterial filtration efficiency) above 1µ is 98% on average.
  • Our EOC M98 model mask is produced with an optimized form of TSE599, the French AFNOR, and the CEN CWA 17553 standard.
  • The back of the head is produced with a soft and comfortable tire. With its standard dimensions, optimal face-sitting is provided.
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Things to Do at Home During the COVID-19 Outbreak: Stay Home, Stay Safe

During the COVID-19 outbreak, it is highly important to stay home to protect ourselves and prevent its spread. What are some free online activities that we can do during the course?

koronovirüste zamanı kullanma

  • The Down Dog yoga app is free until April 2nd (For students and teachers, the app is free until July 1st).
  • You can live-stream the concerts of several orchestras online, including New York’s Met Opera and Berlin Philarmonic. Music lovers who want to listen to the orchestra over the internet will be able to listen to the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra free of charge using the BERLINPHIL code by entering the ‘ticket page’ on the orchestra web address.
  • You can do the virtual tours that the Louvre Museum, Vatican Museum, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and Uffizi Gallery are offering on their websites.
  • Google’s Arts & Culture Platform has made agreements with 1200 museums around the World to do virtual tours of their exhibitions which include MoMA in New York, Metropolitan Museum, the Tate Modern in Paris, British Museum in London and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.
Evde istirahat ve koronovirüsünden korunma

Conscious protection from the coronovirus at home

While it is important to spend our time at home as beneficial as possible it is also important to be conscious at the time. If you observe any kind of symptom of cold, you can protect your loved ones at home by using the EOC antibacterial masks and antibacterial gloves at home. The EOC range of products that are developed by Evteks using the Super Cotton innovation, by its reusable and washable specialties, and with its antibacterial contexture can protect you from COVID-19 by preventing the virus from going in and out of the mask while in quarantine, inside or outside.

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Corona Virus, How I am protecting myself

I have traveled a lot of long-distance flights in the past years. I spent more than half of the year on travel. These travels caused not only fatigue from flights but also fatigue from different climate and time differences. In these conditions, I had to take many precautions not to be sick. Besides healthy eating, regular sleep and sports, I was trying to protect myself with vitamin supplements. Although I tried to be careful, my body could be caught unprotected by any kind of bacteria and virus attack during the periods, when the immune system was weakened. My sickness was a huge loss for me because of my high paced business.
However, at the end of these experiences, I discovered something very important and I can say that this has reduced my disease rate to almost zero in recent years. Ventilation and air conditioning systems in the spaces are among the most favorable environments that enable the reproduction of bacteria and viruses. Although air conditioning and ventilation systems have a good filter system, they are the most suitable channels for bacteria and viruses to reproduce and spread. Hotel rooms, taxis, planes, restaurants, air conditioning is everywhere, and especially in air conditioning systems that are turned off at night and operated during the day, bacteria and viruses that reproduce when closed are seriously polluting the environment. The most accurate protection method you can provide against these bacteria and viruses that are invisible and threatening our health will be the mask. Masks will both protect the moisture of your breath in a dry environment and block external threats. Of course, since bacteria and viruses will settle on the surface of disposable masks, you should not forget to change them frequently.
One more tip while using your mask. Use one or two drops of China Oil, which will make you feel fresh and more comfortable while having your mask on.
In this way, I have been protected from infections as a result of my travels for the last 5 years. After that, I told all my friends in my workplace to use these masks in the office if they sneeze too much. It has become our most important rule not to come to the office when they understand that they are already sick. I always recommend this method to all my friends and relatives.
eoc maske
There is another important method of protection that I have discovered in the last two years. I also clean my sinuses with saltwater in the evening and in the morning, especially if I am traveling or in a crowded place during the day. Thanks to this, I realized that I did not get sick.
I definitely started to think a few more times before I traveled with the presence of COVID-19, or the commonly known name of Corona Virus, which appeared in Wuhan province of China in December 2019. In January 2020, I traveled 2 times to Germany, 1 to Denmark and at the end of January to the USA (Chicago, Las Vegas, San Diego, and Los Angeles). I was very nervous, especially before going to the USA, which was my last trip. This time I had to be more cautious. I made my preparations from the pharmacy with Anti-viral lozenge, Anti-viral syrup, Antibacterial cloth, and sprays. However, the most important of these would be the mask. There was an important innovation that we developed in the last 6 years. With this innovation, we had 3 important and big awards. In addition to its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, this fabric had neutron retention capacity. With the information we got from some scientific research, we also knew it was anti-viral. With this invention, which we call EOC, we immediately made some mask trials. Since I believe in the comfort of use, I decided to use the product we developed after 3-4 different fabric and model trials. I set out with these masks, where I feel safe with their wearing comfort, washable and permanent properties. I safely used my own product at an exhibition where airports, hotels and thousands of people visited and there were exhibitors from all over the world and especially from China. It is not possible for me not only to know that I am safe but also to tell you the pride that I use the product I developed. I hope this technology and product will truly become a useful invention to humanity.
ISA DAL, Evteks Textile CEO
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Developments in the Garment and Textile industry in 2020

With the development and change of technology and trends, the textile industry strives to create its own industry 4.0. More efficient cotton production, better yarn production plant, faster weaving looms, energy-saving dyeing plants that use less water and faster garment production. In light of all these objectives, together with the increasing environmental awareness, the textile industry is trying to adapt to technology. Innovative approaches to textile consumption are considered too late compared to technology products. The percentage of environmentally friendly products that make life easier, healthy and increase comfort is still very low in the market. For this reason, we can see more technological innovations in the processes rather than the final product in the textile sector.

Exaggerated, non-functional products have no chance of becoming popular. Products that seem too innovative will not be of interest to the consumer. Textile and Clothing, according to the trend of fashion movements. Fashion sometimes seems very futuristic and sometimes goes back centuries. In apparel and home textiles, functionality and design will always come to the fore. However, textiles such as technical textiles are more likely to find a permanent place in industrial areas.

Within the sustainable circular economy, it is possible to provide more environmentally and more economical solutions with less resource usage. We are seeing more of the artificial intelligence technology in product development and production stage, especially with the preparation of the accessories used in Ready-to-Wear with 3D printers, and the decision making of the big brand and store chains by choosing 3D illustrations. Design companies are now moving to real sample production if they decide to make their products after their realistic holographic or VR-supported presentations. In fact, we see that many famous brand chain stores use images created with 3D software in addition to real physical shots in online stores.

Developments in the Garment and Textile industry in 2020 9

In the future, the use of textiles will last longer in different forms, just as in history and still seen in some less developed countries. So you can continue to use it as a bed sheet, t-shirt one day after recycling, then a sock and ultimately shoe sole. From the cotton field, all of the final product used by the consumer will come back in different forms within the cyclic economy through recycling. Today we are experiencing this, but in the near future it will become globally planned and programmed, and we hope that someday it will become country policies.

Climate change and ocean pollution have become a priority for sensitive communities. In this regard, it will force the production methods and products, which use a lot of natural resources in their production and which have a negative impact on the environment, to change. In this sense, textile production creates less pollution than many industrial production and waste. With the increasing sensitivity in the industry in recent years, production in accordance with sustainable environmental policies is increasing rapidly. The most important problem in textile production is the difficulties in the collection and recycling of synthetic materials, the need for water in cotton production, the energy need in the production process and the dirty wastes generated by this production process. Each stage should be worked separately and processes should be improved and improved. It is very important for increasing consumer awareness and ensuring sustainable textile production. As a result, there is a cost in the sustainable economy, and everyone must contribute to meet this cost.

Textile and Fashion are shaped according to both local and universal trends. Thanks to global communication, it is now able to show a flow effect that develops on one side of the world almost immediately on another side of the world. Behaviors can quickly influence the design. With a sharing of a social media phenomenon, the world can react in an instant. Together with this incredibly fast network, fashion and trends are taking shape and can be worn in a very short time. The acceleration of decisions and production enables us to see the designs created through this mega network in online sales and shop windows in a very short time.

Developments in the Garment and Textile industry in 2020 10


Textile technology has been developing continuously since the industrial revolution of the 19th century. Technology manufacturers prepare and present important technological innovations at the ITMA fair which is held every 4 years. In textile technology, the development triggered by the competition is mainly on speed and efficiency. In recent years, we have seen the most concrete example of this process of transition from conventional rotation and panel printing to digital printing. Thanks to digital printing, a much faster production without a template and almost unlimited color possibilities and a much smaller amount of production were created. This technological development has provided a significant impetus to the Ready-to-Wear sector, which needs rapid change. Digital printing technology still has a long way to go. As such, new technologies offered in many areas such as paint and apparel are expensive, so we can say that there are important ways ahead. However, with the introduction of these new technologies in the industry, the optimization of the technology is accelerating. Thanks to these exciting developments, diversity increases and less environmental damage occurs.